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A Freelancers Guide to Scheduling Your Year (in GIFS)

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Have you found your self asking… “Is it normal to be so slow right now?” “How in the world can I handle all the work coming in this month?” or maybe “Why does everyone wait till November 15th for their Thanksgiving promo requests?”

We have sooo been there before too! We (Kristen and Brittany) have both built very successful freelancing careers as website designers and marketing pros. We have loads of experience which is why we put together this freak out proof yearly calendar for what to expect from your freelance schedule!

Freelancing has just as much to do with running YOUR business by making sales, doing taxes, and keeping up with your calendar as it does actually completing the work clients hire you to do!

If you are newer to freelancing this yearly guide to freelance is something that we put together after years of tracking when we see traffic and when we see slow times. We also included our best tips to help you go through the slow times and what to focus on when you are waiting for that next big wave of requests. ????

January to February


You might be tempted to get bored here because its gonna be slllooowwww…. These are good catch up and passion project months. Clients are just getting back from the Holidays and are focused on setting goals for the rest of the year. They are focused on their own business growth and so should you be! If you have resources you want to crank out, this is the time!



This is when things heat up for freelancers. We have fondly dubbed March “Proposal month”! As a freelancer, you should expect to take a lot of meetings and book out your next couple of months in this time frame. Make sure that the forms on your website are working properly, your proposal software is updated with your new pricing and fresh language. Also, Make sure you block off time on your calendar for self-care.

April to June


This is when you will be working on those projects you booked back in March. make sure you are getting good rest, working out regularly, follow a calendar and establish a healthy daily routine. The last thing you want to deal with is getting sick in the middle of the busy season. Try and avid tons of travel during this time as well, that will come in…



Typically a little slower on the project front. Clients are taking time to go on vacation with family and focused on their personal lives. Plan to go on vacation, project catch-ups, and another “resource bump.” But get your butt back in the office by the last week in July because everyone will be back from vacation and ready-to-go! ????

August to October


…and work some more. This going to be a busy time of the year for you. Project requests will be coming in and you will need to make sure you are prepared and rested! In October be sure to probe your waitlist and current clients about holidays and end of the year campaigns!

November to December 20th (ish)


HOLIDAYS Y’ALL! This is when you are getting Holiday Promos complete for clients (and for yourself). Wondering how you can offer a holiday promo as a freelancer? We offer retainer packages at a reduced hourly rate for advanced payment. You can also make sure you have your waitlist gathering inquiries for the next year to come!

Mid-December to the New Year


Take a break, honey. You deserve it! Take time to reconnect with family and friends, enjoy your holiday season, and maybe even take a cool trip. We also highly recommend turning on a vacation auto-reply and unplugging to connect face to face.

Hope this helped you plan for your best year freelancing yet!!

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About Weeknight Website

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