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Site Plans

Purchase sites in bulk at a discount to resell to clients or use for your other businesses!

We are making it easier than ever to not only use Weeknight Website to build and grow your online website design biz, but to get your portfolio site completely paid for. Our goal is to empower the makers of the world to design sites faster and easier than ever, with our team of experts to help you out!

how it Works


Sign up or Upgrade to a
Multiple Site plan.


You invoice clients directly for their platform costs.


Once you start billing 2-3 clients monthly, you become profitable!

All your sites will have access to our complete suite of training, support and tools. The best part, you’ll gain the ability to make money just for using Weeknight Website! 

With the multiple site plan you will have the option to charge your clients whatever price you want for platform costs. (We suggest $29/mo, but you can bake in other charges as part of a maintenance plan with them.) This will allow you to get your website for free while giving your clients the best tools out there!

3 Site plan



Cancel anytime.
14-day money back guarantee.

6 Site Plan



Cancel anytime.
14-day money back guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions...

What’s the benefit of signing up for a bulk plan vs individual?
  • + You can bill clients directly for their sites, and create a more long-standing relationship with your clients as you continue to bill them for hosting and other maintenance services every month.
  • + There is a price break - super helpful if you want to use one of your sites for your portfolio sites or passion project! 
  • + While you’re under your plan’s threshold, you will have the ability to delete and add new sites, super handy for creating test sites.
Can I upgrade from my current Annual Plan to this?

Yes! Your amount will be prorated then you will be billed the full amount the following billing period. If you find your balance is not automatically prorated, please contact so we can resolve the difference for you.

What if I’d rather my clients pay for their platform fees directly?

We would instead recommend using the method outlined here:

Do you have payment plans for the multiple site option?

We have annual and quarterly plans available for this membership. 

What if I sign up but find this isn’t for me?

Because there is no trial for this plan, it is covered by our 14-day money back guarantee. No questions asked.

If I join your affiliate program (launching soon), will I get a commission off these sites?

Because you are the one billed, there is no way to process a commission for this plan. If you want to sign up clients via our affiliate program, please register for the affiliate program when it launches and use the method here: