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Make WordPress easy! Our drag-and-drop builder, hosting and expert help are all you need to finally finish your website!


I have tried other host sites and felt they either had limited customization, difficulty with drag and drop design, and they were mobile friendly but not mobile responsive.

Weeknight Website not only came with all the features I was looking for, they also gave me video walkthroughs which were super easy to follow. I also appreciated the support they provided when I needed it, usually within 12-24 hours they got back to me with a personalized solution.”

Eleni. B


Launch Coaches + Designer Feedback to help you get un-stuck

You’ve tried to build a website before. Those Drag and Drop things looked pretty easy. You thought: “Dragging? I can drag stuff! Dropping? I drop stuff all the time!” So you started building a website, but your optimism was crushed one square at a time. You felt lost. Today, your website has become just another unfinished item on your to-do list.


Mobile-Optimized > Mobile-Responsive

Our Quick Start tutorial will get you building your site in exactly 10 minutes and 22 seconds.

We are a WordPress-based platform (30% of the internet uses WordPress, so we figured, let's be smart about this) and use the best Drag-and-Drop builder on the market.

Nerds love that our builder generates clean code... but you will never actually have to code with it.

You work with one, endlessly customizable theme.

We are hosted on a lightning-fast, dedicated server.

You never have to update WordPress or your plugins because we manage that for you. (Our Library of Premium Plugins are valued at $600/yr.)


"Moving from my old platform, to this one I felt confident it was going to get the job done and provide me with the right set up moving forward to market my business.

I loved the video tutorial going through it all. I could not have done it without this! To learn one more platform on my own was going to be super overwhelming and I was very thankful I didn't have to do that.

I found your help to be much more personable than other platforms, when I had any questions, and your creative input was always an encouragement to me."

-Nicole S.

We have built the following wildly-popular websites with the

exact tools you’ll have access to on the Weeknight Website platform


The Burning Question...

So, are you like [insert celebrity-endorsed website builder name here]?

Yes and no. We are indeed a website building platform. Without the rigid themes. Without the backdoor support forums and robotic customer support.

If you want a professional designer to look at your site and give you a website review, we're here for that. If you have an issue specific for YOUR site, you have our team on retainer to help YOU.

That's why we hate calling Weeknight Website a "website builder" or "website host", and started calling it a Membership!

"This web page builder was, literally, the only one of several I tried that worked. I found that support was very prompt, knowledgeable, and competent when I needed further help.

If you are looking for a web page builder that simply works, then you've come to the right place."

-Eric B.

What You Get

  • A Website Launch Coach that will help you every step of the way. Have a question? Hop on a screen share and tackle it!
  • Our Drag-and-Drop Website builder that even lets you customize your blog and online store!
    $315/yr value
  • WordPress Web Hosting
    $180+/yr value
  • Managed plugin and security updates
    $500+/yr value
  • Access To Premium Plugins
    $600/yr value
  • An video walkthrough of how to build your site, even if you're not "techie"
  • Our Facebook Community for feedback, questions, and weekly live website reviews!
  • Connect your own domain
  • Online Store included with every plan
  • The ability to upload your own fonts
  • Personalized video support from real people
  • Ongoing training and resources in our Member Library
Smart Podcast Player Color

Monthly Membership


Billed Monthly.
Cancel anytime.

  • Support from our Launch Coaches
  • Drag-and-Drop Website builder
  • Premium WordPress Web Hosting
  • Tutorials on how to build your site
  • Ongoing Training through our Member Library
  • Upload and use any font
  • Connect your own domain
  • Online Store Included
  • Premium Plugins
  • Managed plugin and security updates
  • Our Facebook Community

Annual Membership


Billed Annually.
Cancel anytime

  • 12 months for the price of 7 🎉
  • Support from our Launch Coaches
  • Drag-and-Drop Website builder
  • Premium WordPress Web Hosting
  • Tutorials on how to build your site
  • Ongoing Training through our Member Library
  • Upload and use any font
  • Connect your own domain
  • Online Store Included
  • Premium Plugins
  • Managed plugin and security updates
  • Our Facebook Community

"I was pleased with the help I received. Although it's been difficult building a D.I.Y. website, I couldn't have done it without you. I plan to expand my website in 2019 and it feels good to have the foundation in place.

This builder on WordPress is a visual and practical way of designing a website. It's becoming more intuitive for me by the day. I would recommend your services to anyone! It's great to have a guide for a specific purpose."

Nolan R.

Frequently Asked Questions...

What will I need before we start?

You’ll need a domain name before you launch, but you won’t need it to start building your site! For domains, we recommend Namecheap.

We also recommend having some fresh photos to work with - it always helps for a brand spruce to have these on hand!

Do I need hosting?

No! Weeknight Website is a WordPress host with all our favorite goodies built in. This means you don’t need to update your plugins and have access to a curated list of tried and true plugins that we have tested and licensed for this platform.

Can I host an online store here?

Totes! WooCommerce is available and our platform is SSL secured. You can even change the look and feel of WooCommerce pages with the tools available.

I have a WordPress website somewhere else - how is this different?

You won’t...

...have access to the Code Editor (there’s another way to add Header/Footer code and CSS if you need it, don’t worry!)

Have to mess around with plugins, trying to find the best one that both works and won’t break your site!

You will...

have access to a theme and builder that allows you to customize every bit of your site, as well as premium WordPress plugins, security, backups and regular plugin updates.

I'm a web designer. Can I use this for client work?

Absolutely! You can even register multiple websites on the Weeknight Website platform. If you are a designer first and would love a world where you never had to mess with code, this would be a great option for you.

Note that you will have to work with the Weeknight Website theme, and you will be limited to our network's premium plugin library. However, our network was built off years of experience designing and developing for WordPress, which means the plugins we've curated are the best and are managed by our team. If there is a plugin you must have that is not included, please email us and we will review it!

Can I host a podcast here?

Our friends at Smart Podcast Player have the best plugin for adding your podcast to your website! You can find the plugin in your plugin library, but you will need to purchase and activate a license to use it on your site.
You can purchase your license here.

Can I move my WordPress or Squarespace site to this?

You will need to move the content over from your previous site to our network and build your site here. The WordPress importer tool is available for you to import (this will work for Squarespace if you use the "Export for WordPress" setting.) 

Once you become a member, our Launch Coaches are happy to review your previous site and give you guidance on how to build your Weeknight Website in a way that helps you achieve your goals - for realsies!

Does this work with Gutenberg?

Totally Gutenberg compatible! While we're stoked you can now craft posts and pages with a block-editor by default, Gutenberg is no where near the level of customization you'll have with Weekend Website. Our platform will allow your to make blog templates, custom headers and footers, and store layouts!

Can I add Facebook Pixel tracking code?

You can add your FB Pixel code in the Customizer > Code > Header

Can I access FTP?

Due to the managed-hosting nature of our platform, you will not be able to access FTP files. However, we do have tools available to implement CSS changes and code injections for tracking pixels/third party apps, etc.