Ongoing Client Work

How to Sell Ongoing Maintenance Packages to Scale your Freelance Career

We have all been there, a client loves their site, and they love YOU so now what? The project is technically done and they are ready to be set free into the World Wide Web, but they hesitate.

They lock eyes with you and at that moment you know, they are NEVER leaving you. You have just made a life long bestie and your business just leveled up!


With the right client this a dreamy situation. Establishing a long term relationship with a client, as a business owner, is pure magic! Instead of having to stress out, trying to fill your schedule, you are afforded the opportunity to keep working with someone who you already know and who has a value for you, and what you do!

If you are newer to your design career, you may be thinking…

“How do I get to this magical place of unicorn dust and fairy sparkles where clients are your friends and they book you over and over again?” 🦄✨

The first thing we always recommend is starting with stellar client communication. We talked all about our best tips for that in last week’s blog!

However, if you are a little further along and ready to take it up a notch, read on my friend, we have something cookin’ for you, good lookin’ 😉

How to sell clients upgraded services for an income bump!

Create a Maintenance Plan

Most website design clients are nervous when they get hold of their brand new baby website. Like new parents they are scared they are going to break it. You can give them tutorials, help them figure out. how to navigate the site, or give them step by step help, but the fact remains some clients just want someone to do it for them!

This is where you can help, my friend. You are the expert that they have been longing for, the vice on the other end of the phone to give them guidance! Selling a service for maintenance at a small monthly fee can be a huge advantage to you and to the client. They get peace of mind and you get recurring income!

How do you get started selling website maintenance packages?

Firstly, you need to ask your client what they need help with. What things do you get calls about repeatedly? What things are your clients most nervous and asking tons of questions about when you hand the site access over? What fears do they have about their website or marketing plan?

Create a unique product for them. You can offer base packages or standardized options with specific add ons. Then, send them an email about a month after your project ends to check in and see if they need help with anything. Remember your communication and relationship with your clients is key! This is the make or break factor for an online, service-based, business.

Try Selling Hosting Services

This is a common way of maintaining a good report and an ongoing yearly relationship with clients. You have hosting that you manage on a server and instead of the hosting company billing the client, you are the one that does the billing. You then can charge a small mark up to your clients and get a little cash for the trouble of making sure that everything runs smoothly on the site for the rest of the year.

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