How to Run A Successful Black Friday or Cyber Monday Sale

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The holiday season is FAST approaching and this is the most wonderfully busy time of the year for businesses everywhere.

If you are a designer or marketing pro, requests start pouring in and you find yourself working on everyone else’s projects completely forgetting to work on your own sales.

Or… maybe you are a musician who is TRYING to get your “ish” together for a Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale.

Good news my friend, in either case, you are not too late!

You can still run a successful Black Friday Sale using these strategies!

Also, if you have a service-based business… we got you! Kristen shares some of her best tips for running a holiday promotion for your products AND services. Catch the full video below!

Create Your Offer (For Products)

There are a few options for creating an offer… here are some of our tips:

Create a bundle

If you are opposed to (or can’t) offer a discount on pricing, try adding in a complementary product that is slightly discounted but feels like a great value! Your products in the bundle should be a larger “flagship” product that is your best seller with something you want to showcase in a new way.

Give a discount

You want to make sure that the volume of your sales are going to make up for the discount and leave you feeling as happy as your customers will be. If you are worried about getting traffic, we have some awesome resources in the blog below that can help you out. Keep in mind that Black Friday is ALL about getting good traffic to your offer to increase sales.

Create Your Offer (For Services)

Pre-Sell Time for a Discounted Rate

If you are planning to increase your rates for 2020 and beyond, you can try offering a special pre-buying package for buckets of time. Your clients would get your hours at a discounted rate for the year by pre-paying for your time in advance. Alternatively, you can . do a waitlist for them to lock in their desired dates for your upcoming calendar at the current rate and for a deposit amount of your choosing!

Create Awareness

EMAILS: Make sure you have emails prepped with graphics and text ready to go. Have it scheduled in advance to help you keep on top of it without interrupting turkey time with family!

BONUS TIP: position your offer as a gift for the holidays. BOGO offers and free shipping by Christmas are great ways to promote this!

How to Create Great Email graphics

Get the complete tutorial of how we made this super cool giph below and learn to make your own for your emails too. Watch the video from 10:40 to 14:00


Ads: have little to no text on the images of the ads. Vidoe is best if you can get that together in time!

Create Urgency

Create deadlines and stick to them. There are many times when we have offers and we are tempted to extend it just for a day. But DON’T do it!

If you want to have an automatically expiring page, we love and recommend using deadline funnels to get the job done. It is super easy to set up using Weeknight Website and you will be able to create urgency like a pro marketer without all the fuss.

If you need help setting up your store on WordPress, check out our How to Set Up Your Shop blog (or if you are a member get a step by step walkthrough with click by click instructions!)

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About Weeknight Website

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