How to Create a Polished YouTube Channel

How to Create a Polished YouTube Channel

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Looking for a way to grow your online presence and keep people engaged with you even when they are NOT on your website? YouTube could be your secret sauce, my friend. In 2020, YouTube has reported 2 billion unique visitors every month according to this article.

That is a whole lot of eyeballs peeps! However, it’s not as easy as just making a video and simply posting it. You have to make it LOOK great too! Read on (or have a watch party 👇) to find out how to make your YouTube channel polished and profesh. 

Why Video?

If you were not convinced already, you should know that “YouTube reaches more U.S consumers between the ages of 18 and 49 than all cable TV networks combined” (source).

Ummm, can we say WOW? Basically being on YouTube these days is like being on TV in the ’80s. No need to stalk the news reporters as they film their segments to get on channel 5. Just put up a Youtube Channel and start your film career now! 

So the real question is why are videos so much more powerful than other types of content? Because video is personal. People love to connect with a person; someone they can see, hear, and get to know. Video gives you that on a large scale without having to find each person individually. 

I know right about now you are getting overwhelmed and feeling camera shy, but we have an awesome blog post on creating amazing promo videos that can be applied to really any video you make. We offer you some advice on equipment for getting started and editing tips too so you get a polished video at the end that would impress anyone! 

The other reason that you need video is that YouTube is actually a search engine tool and Google uses it as a ranking indicator. So if you want to dominate the search results in a really competitive market, creating YouTube videos can help you get there. 

Breaking it all down:

In the video above, Kristen, breaks down the pieces of highly successful YouTube Channels and specifically takes a look at Marie.TV which is Marie Forleo’s channel for her business. 

Some of the pieces that we recommend from this video are:

  1. Channel Banner 
  2. Thumbnails
  3. Video Intros
  4. Video End Screen creation

NOTE: We highly recommend using Canva to give you a boost without having to learn Photoshop or something else that feels more intimidating. Using Canva Pro gives you access to some really cool features such as the background eraser tool, the ability to add custom fonts, and being able to create branded graphics in a snap!

Creating Beautiful YouTube Channel Banners: 

Having a polished banner helps you to brand your channel so that when people land on it, they see what type of content they can expect and most importantly, they can begin to feel like they belong. If they feel like you are their type of crazy design nerd with an amazing portfolio and great advice for designing well, those people are going to WANT to work with you. This all starts with identifying your target audience and speaking to them graphically and immediately through your banner.

Get the Step-by-Step from this timestamp (6:50 to 12:05)

Creating YouTube Thumbnails

Consistency is key for this section. If you do not already know your branding, you should make sure to use the same fonts and colors throughout your web presence so that people can see you from a mile away and still know it’s you, boo! 

Video thumbnails should have a clear, legible title that gives the searchers an idea of what your video is going to be about. This will be the make or break for making sure that you get more video views on your content. Think about the fonts you choose when branding and making graphics to help it all feel really pulled together with your website and other social content.  

Pro tip: When you are uploading videos make sure you are aware of the keywords you are using and think of Youtbe as a search engine. 

Get the Step-by-Step from this timestamp (13:32  to 16:50)

Designing a Killer YouTube Intro

Making your video branded and fun to watch is easier than you may think. Having  a short intro for your video can help people connect with not just the video content they are there to see, but also to the larger scope of content you offer. If you are all about Makeup, show off some of your best looks and tell people who you are. Introduce your channel and don’t forget to tell them how to connect with you. (ie. Subscribe to my channel and hit the notification bell so you never miss another video!) 

Also be sure to check out our helpful blog on creating a killer YouTube Promo Video which can be applied to any of your videos!

Get the Step-by-Step from this timestamp (16:50 to 17:49)

Making a Sweet YouTube Outro

You know, binge watching is the name of the game with YouTube! The more views you get the more likely your content will show well on other search results and be recommended to people who are watching vids on the internet.  You can also use this as a place that you can connect people to your websites or socials. Again, make sure it all feels consistent for your brand so that people connect with you and your style. People are attracted to things that visually appeal to them, and the same goes for your videos and thumbnails! 

So how do you get those fancy screens on the end of your YouTube video? 

Get the Step-by-Step from this timestamp (17:49 to 22:44)

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