Do You Need a Break Or Are You Tricking Yourself?

You might need a break if…

  • You’ve been wrestling the same problem for more than 30 minutes
  • The last thing you remember eating was half a tortilla chip at 3PM yesterday

You are playing yourself if…

  • You’ve been to the fridge once per hour
  • You just got sucked into a wormhole of comparing yourself to other people, and now you’re overwhelmed at all the things you don’t have in place
  • You’ve been at your computer for 3 hours and have spent most of that time on Facebook


  • Do something that gets you in "work" mode. Light a candle. Put on music. Drive to a coffee shop.
  • Find a small task you can achieve to feel the feeling of progress.
  • Do one of the things you were putting off (it will get you in a flow to do more.)
  • Consult the Facebook Group for help
  • Consult the Knowledgebase - chances are someone has had a similar question, and we have documented the response!
  • Submit your questions directly to Weekend Website support below.
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