Starts Monday, January 30th


Does this sound familiar?

You already have a website…but it’s not exactly doing anything for you.

You know your business is capable of being more impactful online…but you haven’t been able to crack it.

DIYing this problem appeals to you because you...

  • Know that first impressions count and no one cares as much as you do about your business.
  • Want the ability to control what’s happening on your website and make pivots quickly.
  • Recognize that shoppers now prefer to buy online, and that trend isn’t going away.
  • Can outsource execution, but know that learning how to better position your products, services and events online is an essential skill as a business-owner.

But what's the secret
to a good website?

You want a better website because...


You know your products and services are BOMB and need a site that does them justice


Social media platforms have proven themselves unreliable time and time again and you don’t want the fate of your brand resting on their ever changing algorithms


You’ve upleveled everything about your business and it’s time for your website to attract the right kinds of customers

In  this 5-day live work jam, we're going to focus on three main areas:


The sneaky things making a bad impression on your current website and exactly how to fix
them quickly.


How to gain confidence with your potential-buyers through your buttoning up your images and copy.


How to write SEO-driven copy that will both make finding the words for your website easier and make you more searchable.

These 5-days of mind-blowing breakthroughs are going to set you up to CONFIDENTLY be able to sell through your site.

What do you get with the bootcamp?


Make your website more credible

  • Identify the sneaky culprits repelling people from your website
  • What you can do IMMEDIATELY to fix these issues
  • How to connect with your audience based on their generational design and messaging preferences

Build a Customer-Winning Journey

  • We'll show you behind-the-scenes of the tool we use to map and track all of our website flow and funnels so nothing falls through the cracks!
  • You'll have a plan for your top offer's page.

Nail down your visuals

  • The exercise that will help you find the balance between your creative vision and your customer’s desired look
  • We'll show you stock photo secrets (including stock photo libraries that aren’t Unsplash) and how to find stock photos that go together!
Day four

Sell with your Copy

  • The #1 key you need to be able to do to sell anything online
  • How to write SEO-friendly copy for your entire site!
Day five

Launch Party!

  • A work-jam where we will guide you through the principles of getting your top offers page done quickly, then release you to build it!
  • Anyone who posts their completed page by 8pm will get a bonus and be entered to win prizes!

Access to the Websites That Sell member portal

Business Automation
Tools Cheatsheet

Templates, how-tos and
researched back training.

Access to the Codeless Design Community

Our SEO keywords template to help you get more eyeballs on your site

A chance to win prizes and ask questions during every live session


Hey, I'm Kristen Estes

I’ve launched 100’s of websites in my decade-long career as a
web designer, and have helped hundreds of other designers do the same through the website platform I founded, Weeknight Website.

I’m currently the CEO of Weeknight Website and Creative
Director at Moonwalker Digital, a web design firm specializing
in high-converting websites. My pages are known to convert and we’ve been a part of over 20+ five and six figure launches. Most notably, a sales page my team designed for internet sensation JP Sears received over 96k shares!

My straightforward, step-by-step processes will give you the
tools and confidence you need to take control of your online
space and finally get the website your business deserves.

Oh, and I’ll make it fun for you (yes, working on your website can be fun!)

Some Business owners I’ve worked with…


…and next, hopefully you!

Hey, I'm Brittany Thompson!



Brittany Thompson is the CEO of Brittany Thompson Creative, a web design and digital marketing firm that is known for crafting unique marketing strategies to scale product businesses.

With over 12 years of online marketing experience, Brittany has completed projects for a national wall paneling, Miller Paneling, authors like Renee Evans, and Seth Dahl and online product brands like The Living Home, and Grow with Nate and Christy. In the first nine months of 2020 she worked with a new online shop grew the company to over 15k in sales in a single month.

These were  Brittany's client’s numbers before she started working with him. He was a well-known speaker and author with an active social media presence… but his store was only doing a few hundred dollars per month.


…and these are his numbers after 8 months of working with Brittany. Consistently making thousands of dollars per month, 19X previous revenue.


Our straightforward, step-by-step processes and tools will give you the
confidence you need to take finally take your business next level.

Get Online Selling Breakthroughs
like Trey and Ana Maria...


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Join the Bootcamp

Bootcamp begins Monday, January 30th and ends Friday, February 3rd.

While this training is hosted by Weeknight Website,
you do not need to be on our platform to benefit from or to join the challenge!

As this is "workshop style," please make a 1-2 hour date with yourself everyday to watch and do the workshop activities. We highly value your time and promise it will be worth your while to prioritize this.


EARNINGS DISCLAIMER: In this bootcamp we will teach you our tried and tested methods for designing websites that convert. However, we cannot guarantee sales in your business as a result of taking this training.