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  • 34% of the internet uses WordPress and so do we!
  • To let you drag-and-drop  we use the most lightweight, developer-trusted page builder on the market.
  • We have re-designed the WordPress backend to be more modern and simpler to navigate.
  • You can drag-and-drop edit your website from mobile devices like iPad (for realsies)!
  • You work with one, endlessly customizable theme. Pre-designed templates speed you along.
  • We are hosted on a lightning-fast, dedicated server. You do not need to secure additional hosting.
  • You NEVER have to update WordPress or your plugins because we manage that for you. (Oh yeah, our Library of Premium Plugins are fully-supported and valued over $600/yr.)

Squarespace is very easy for beginners to use, but you'll soon find out how limited you are in terms of customization and extendability. 

When it's time to uplevel your business, you need to be on WordPress. 

Weeknight Website allows you to connect your email list, have a robust online store, and have all the blogging power of WordPress! Plus, similar to Squarespace, because we are a managed platform you never have to worry about updating your plugins! 

Weeknight Website is very similar to Wix on the "drag-and-drop" end of things. 

The biggest issues we've seen with Wix sites comes to mobile responsiveness. With Weeknight Website, you can customize your site for every screen width and preview your experience for each size with a keystroke!

Weeknight Website is pretty similar to ShowIt in drag-and-drop customizability, plus the benefits of a WordPress blog.

Where we differ?

1. Because Weeknight is built directly on top of the WordPress platform, there is no need to upgrade plans or navigate to another platform to manage your blog. It's all included, in one place.

2. eCommerce: currently Weeknight Website offers WooCommerce, and Shopify integration is coming soon! ShowIt has no eCommerce options.

3. Plugin library and maintenance: we have more pro plugins and take care of updating them for you.  

Elementor is a rad tool - but it's just that, ONE tool in your tool box. You still need to fill your toolbox with hosting, other plugins, and have a plan for handling site maintenance.

Weeknight Website has a similar builder to Elementor installed (Beaver Builder) with extensions custom to us! We use Beaver Builder because it's historically been more secure, developer-vetted and less buggy than big-E. Go to any side-by-side comparison and you'll see how similar they are! 

With Weeknight Website, you get Beaver Builder PLUS hosting, support, and other premium plugins that are maintained for you, so the only decisions you have to make are design ones 🙂 

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Website BFF’s are here for more than just tech support

Whenever there’s a problem, you can count on your Website BFF. Sure, we can help with your techie troubles. We can also have an expert designer look at your site for review. For almost any issue specific to your site, you have a team on retainer to help you.

Weekly webinars keep you current and inspired

Every week we go live to give out web wisdom on design, strategy and other tips to make you look amazing! Connect with the community and stay inspired. 


+ Our continuously updated 
“Nerd Library” will show you how to do fancy things!

  • Connect your Instagram feed
  • Make your site SEO friendly
  • Upload and use any font on your website
  • Connect your email list so you can make your forms look however you want
  • Embed a Spotify playlist
  • Sell from your online store with affiliate links
  • Add Facebook Comments to your blog
  • Migrate your posts/pages from another WordPress site
  • Live Support from our Website BFF's
  • Drag-and-Drop Website builder
    Powered by Beaver Builder
  • Form & Quiz Builder
    Powered by Gravity Forms
  • Premium WordPress Web Hosting
  • Integrate with your Email List
    & Leadpages*
  • Add your Podcast
    Powered by Smart Podcast Player*
  • Tutorials on how to build your site
  • Ongoing Training through our Tutorial Library
  • Upload and use any font
  • Connect your own domain
  • Online Store Included
    +Shopify integration coming soon
  • Managed plugin and security updates
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Live Weekly Webinars
    & Website Reviews

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