User Spotlight Magdalena

User Spotlight: Magdalena Grgić

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We love our users here at Weeknight Website. Like we reeeeeaaaallllyyyy love our users. Because of this we want to share some cool peeps that are doing awesome things with the Weeknight Website platform and making big moves in their online ventures!

Today we are talking to Magdalena Grgić who is all the way from Germany and offers amazing VA and online marketing solutions for her clients.

Hey Magdalena! Tell us a little bit about your business. 

I run a service based online business called Your Virtual Solutions, offering virtual services/solutions in Project Management, Online Marketing and Business Operations. My aim is to help businesses and business owners to free up their time, work more structured and more efficient with the help of me and my services. Right now I am targeting mostly customers in the German speaking area, which is why my site is in German for now. In the future I do plan to offer my site and services in English as well.

What made you want to start your business?

Just my inner drive for independency and freedom. I just wanted out of the 9-5 madness, of traffic jams, packed subways and other limitations that are connected to a regular employment. Prior launching my online business I was working as a consultant which quite often meant long working hours, stress and actually not loving my job at all. I didn’t see the purpose behind all of it and knew, that I didn’t want to spend my years till retirement working like this.

What lights you up most about what you do?

Well, I just started out, so it’s still a way to go. But even if I have longer and challenging days, it’s just a different feeling, because you are doing it all for yourself. There’s just a different drive and motivation behind all of it. I know that there are businesses out there, who I can help with my expertise and it’s just great to see how far I’ve already come and how step by step I am paving my own path and reaching my goals.

What’s something unexpected about you?

Hmm.. here are a few things people find interesting about me.

  1. I have a twin sister and we don’t look the same AT ALL. I pretty sure there are ppl in my building looking more like her than me. 🙂
  2. I am Croatian and have lived in 4 countries so far, currently living in Germany.
  3. I’m a salsa dancer (not a professional one) and have been dancing for almost 14 years now.
  4. I don’t drink coffee.

Who inspires you most right now and why?

Mostly all the other women who have gone or are going the same way as I am right now. Just seeing them succeed and seeing that it is possible to build a job around your life and not the other way around is a huge inspiration and keeps me going.

What did you find most fun/surprising about building your website?

Realizing that I actually like it and am able to do it. 🙂 It was a lot of fun playing with the colors, fonts and different modules and being able to customize everything and in this way building a unique site. This is my first website EVER and even though it was challenging, I feel proud of myself seeing the final result.

Checks out Magdalena’s Website

Why did you choose Weeknight Website as your building platform?

I completed the Bucketlist Bombshells Technical Skills Course where Weeknight Website was taught. At the beginning it was really challenging, cause I have never seen the backend of a website before. But with time and a few nervous breakdowns 🙂 I learned how to work with it and liked how step by step there was an actual website coming to life. When it was time to build the site for my own business, I was first looking into some other options, just to be sure, I am making the right decision. But in the end I decided to go with Weeknight Website, cause that’s where I knew my way around it. I love that the hosting and plugins are already included and I don’t have to worry about that. Also the support is great, I even got a whole video with the review of my site which was amazing and helped me a lot.

What’s something exciting you’re working on right now?

As mentioned earlier, my online business is only two weeks young, so I’m still in the phase of promoting myself, looking for potential clients and networking. I have a few potential jobs in my pipeline, but nothing is official yet. 🙂

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