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It seems really easy to sell online, but we both know, it's not.

Stop having a holy-freak out and learn the strategies I use as a professional Sales Page Designer for my rad clients (see below).


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Meet Kristen Estes

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Want to know my my biggest secret?
The one no "online-anything-coach" will tell you?

No one can MAKE you successful.

You are the only one that can put in the work, choose to surround yourself with the right people, and make strategic decisions that set you up for the life you want.

No matter your passion, one of the best best things you can do on that journey is learn to sell.

I have had the honor of designing sales pages that have helped my clients live their dreams and I'd love to teach you the best things I've learned along the way.

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What you will learn



I will teach you the two things you need to sell anything online, even if you don't have a website.



The exact methods I use to help my clients turn five and six-figure profits on their sales pages.



All sales pages have to start somewhere, and I am going to give you every tool I use to make my best pages!

  • How to make your offer irresistable
  • The two things you need to sell ANYTHING online, even if you don't have a website
  • How to get people to actually click on the "Work With Me" button
  • What I've learned from my clients about writing words that sell
  • The best tools to use to get your sales page up quickly
  • How to delight your potential-buyer so they stay on your page

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