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I know you are thinking, “YAY, email marketing templates! Copy. Paste. Done.” Well my friend, we are going to dive a little deeper than that today! We’re going to be talking about building lasting relationships with your clients through email marketing.

People everywhere are talking about “how to write an email sequence” or “how to create emails that sell more”. Well, we’re going to use these email marketing templates below that help your customer so much that they don’t even care about looking at anybody else’s emails.

What is an email sequence? (and why do I need one…) (:38 to 2:58)

An email sequence welcomes your new subscribers and helps you automate your sales and website traffic. The templates in this post go one step further. They create really good relationships with your customers.

Since they are hearing from you regularly, they know your name, they know who you are, and they TRUST you to tell them the truth.

Email marketing leads to more sales every single time. Email marketing converts higher than any social media marketing, any website that you have, and even better than SEO marketing as well.

If the idea of writing email (or website) content intimidates you, make sure that you check out our blog on how to write amazing copy!

Email Marketing Sequence #1- The Welcome Sequence (2:58 to 6:44)

This is exactly what it sounds like. A welcome sequence is made up of three to four high-value emails that are designed to get your reader connected to you and your story. This email comes to a reader right after they have signed up for your list or after thay have downloaded a free offer from you. If you need to know how to make a free email offer to get more email sign up’s visit this blog post. ????

Email #1

The first email they get from you needs to have your link and you need to have your email schedule in there. If you don’t tell them how frequently to expect communication from you and you start emailing every day, they’re going to get a little annoyed. So tell them upfront, “hey, for the next four days you’re going to get an email from me every single day and it’s going to be packed full of value”

I want you to tease your value in the first email. You still have to win their affection. You still have to win their love. This is like a dating relationship. You can’t just be like …”yeah, like I bought you roses, let’s get married.”
No, no, no. That’s not how it works. You have to provide them with so much value. You have to woo your customer. You have to love them and make them feel understood and heard. Think of it like a relationship, because it is.

Email #2

This email needs to be devoted to telling your story. Using our same dating analogy, think of this as a first date. Tell them who you are and what you care about. What dreams and goals do you have? But just like any good date… Include some questions and encourage a dialogue!

People Follow Stories, Not Sales Copy.

Email #3

This is the email where you give them something new. At this point in your relationship they know more about you, you may know about them a little more and now it’s time to tell them they are important to you and you are on their side.

This is your chance to wow them. Give them something that is going to guide them through the next step. If you provide them the answers, they’ll keep following you right down the road to the sale.

Email #4

Now that we know more about our customers, we want to give them something that speaks directly to them. This fourth email is the place where you divide your audience and you give them high value, high-quality content that they can’t get anywhere else. We’re trying to find out what is most important for your customer and what do they want to learn how to do.

The reason why we want to have that information is that the next thing we’re going to do is take them over to an educational sequence.

The team at Weeknight Website wanted to give to a jump start on this step. Click below to get the download of our welcome sequence email marketing templates!

Email Marketing Sequence #2: The Educational Sequence (6:44 to 8:15)

An educational sequence is a great one to have because it actually helps you give them a “quick win”. This is something that is easy and that they can implement right away that will make a difference in their life. You want to send them three to four educational emails. Each email should solve a specific problem. So think about the next problem that they’re going to need to solve.

NOTE: It’s always better if you can link to your own content.

Make sure that you send these every three to five days in frequency. I tend to do closer to the two to three-day mark because I don’t want people to forget who I am. I don’t necessarily want a whole week to go by without them hearing from me.

Email Marketing Sequence #3: The Sales Sequence (8:15 to 13:11)

Once they’ve gone through your educational sequence, you want to move them over to a sales-focused email sequence. You want to give them 3 product (or program) focused emails. Those emails are going to go as follows. These emails can come at a daily interval and once they are done with the sales sequence, mark them as ready for your weekly newsletter.

Email #1 The Offer

What are you giving them? What are you providing for them? How does it meet their needs and what kind of solution are you giving them? One of the reasons why people struggle with selling online is they offer something that people don’t want and they’re not willing to pay for it.

If you’re not seeing the sales that you want to see, go back to your offer and reevaluate it.

Email #2 Testimonials

Email number two is creating that emotional connection again but this time it is with people that are just like them. This is the point where you create an emotional connection and you help them identify with your audience. Using testimonials, you’re helping them identify emotionally with the people that purchase and get success from your product or program.

Email #3 The Final Pitch

This is the point where you give them a final push. Keep in mind that only about 2% to 3% of your audience is really ready to purchase at this point. Some of them may come back later, so don’t be too hard on yourself when you see a 2% sales rate. 2% is actually really good!

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