Learn how to design (+ launch) awesome websites!

Design, write, and build a 3-5 page website that has your dream clients ready to take action in the next 48 hours.

Component 1 – 2

Don’t let decision fatigue stop your website from going live.

You’ve chosen your host platform (Lucky us!). So the next step in launching your website is to pick a template and start creating, right?

Not so fast!

The #1 reason why business owners fail to finish their website is that they start building without having a solid plan in place first. 

They feel bogged down by decisions, unsure of their choices, and lack confidence that their site will bring in leads.

You know this is you if...

  • Group 67

    You’ve found yourself scrolling through website templates, wondering, “Which one is right for me?”

  • Group 67

    You have a tiny graveyard of unfinished Squarespace or Wix sites in your past. (R.I.P.)

  • Group 67

    Your eyes ache from agonizing over hundreds of font and color choices.

  • Group 67

    You’d rather clean your apartment than write an About page or a description of your services.

Here’s the deal:

Completing your website does not have to feel impossible.

Instead, you can follow the same goal-driven strategy that professional web designers use and launch your entire site in a matter of days.

Introducing the...

Group 126

The difference between giving up on your website and creating an online space that actually converts.

Here’s what nobody is telling you about building your website: It’s not about you. It’s about the people who land on your site. You aren’t putting time, money, and sweat into this just for fun (although with the skills you’ll learn in this kit, it can be fun!). You’re doing this so your website visitors will take action, whether that’s booking a call, buying a course, or reading your blog. 

If you start by choosing a template, your site has already failed. You have to first map out what action your readers should take, and then create all of your content and design elements around them

Unsure of how this works? You’re in the right place.

Inside The Website Completion Kit, you'll learn how to:

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    Pin down your ideal audience and the top three goals for your site. 

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    Plan and sketch your site layout.

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    Get clear on your messaging

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    Write your content for each page.

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    Define your website style.

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    Choose your fonts and colors.

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    Overcome any tech hurdles. 

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    Launch your website.

The best part? You can do all of this in just two days! All you have to do is follow along with each module.

Goodbye decision fatigue.

Hello professional website that speaks to the soul of your audience!

Here's what you'll learn in this course


Confidently make an outline of what to include on your website. Choose your site’s top three goals, plan all of your content, and then sketch the entire layout on paper! 

We’ll also go over:

  • The most important thing every website needs.
  • How to create a site that always has your audience taking the right action.
  • Why your website is losing readers (and what you can do differently).

Now that you’re crystal clear on what you want your site to achieve, it’s time to get to know your audience. In this module, you’ll learn how to create a brand that speaks to your ideal customer. 

We’re talking about:

  • Understanding your dream clients and what they need from your site.
  • Finding images and colors that connect with your website visitors. 
  • Writing words that make your readers feel at home.

With your content plan and messaging in place, it’s time to finalize the visuals for your website! For module 3, you’ll select the perfect color scheme, fonts, and graphics for your blooming online business.

You’ll also discover:

  • Where to find fonts, photos, and icons that work well together.
  • How to create on-brand graphics with no design experience.
  • Our method for designing the most crucial element on your website: your hero banner.

Overcoming the tech details of finalizing your website can feel like jumping over hurdles. We’ve got your back! Module 4 is here to make sure you don’t get stuck for hours on one small glitch and end up feeling frustrated. #WhyCan’tIChangeThatButtonColor!!

Learn how to:

  • Get support if you’ve been trying to figure out an issue on your own and nothing seems to be working.
  • Include the right components in your tech support questions to get the best support back.
  • Use the 30-minute rule and avoid spending too much time on tech fixes alone.

It’s almost time to pop the champagne! Before you make any big announcements about your new website being live, there are a few things you’ll want to check and double-check to make sure it all goes off without a hitch.

You’ll go over: 

  • How to know when you’re launch-ready.
  • A thorough, pre-launch checklist to make sure all of your buttons, links, and menus are in order.
  • Troubleshooting common launch issues and checking that your site is good to go on multiple devices.

Plus, we're tossing in these extras, just for you:


The Content Kit

Make the copywriting for your website as pain-free as possible! This guide will jump-start your messaging and content creation superpowers.

It includes: 

  • + Our About Page Formula. Learn how to masterfully write the second-most visited page on your website. 
  • + Our Services Page Formula. Design and write your Services page in a way that leaves no question in your client’s mind that they want to book you
  • + Contact Page Form Scripts. Finishing your Contact page form can be as easy as copy and paste! 
  • + Welcome Email Script. A template you can quickly customize and automatically send out to all new subscribers on your email list.

Meet Your Instructor

Web Designer & CEO of Weeknight Website, Kristen Estes

Kristen Estes has helped small business owners launch
the website they’ve always wanted for over a decade.
Her straightforward, step-by-step processes give you the
tools and confidence you need to take control of your online
space and finally get the website your business deserves. 

Kristen is the CEO of Weeknight Website and Creative
Director at Moonwalker Digital, a web design firm specializing
in high-converting websites. Her pages are known to convert
at 5% (double the industry average) and help generate six-figure
launches for her clients. Most notably, a sales page Moonwalker
Digital designed for internet sensation JP Sears received over

Component 1 – 3
Group 141

We know you’re going to love The Website Completion Kit! But if you're dissatisfied with your purchase for any reason, we’ll issue you a full refund if requested within 14 days from your purchase date. Please note: This kit was built for action takers and is composed of digital content, so we must also see proof that you attempted to complete the material upon your request.


Here's What You'll Get

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    The Website Completion Kit $497

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    The WCK Workbook  $49

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    Content Kit Bonus $37

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    Additional Bonus Templates & Cheat Sheets $87

Total Value: $700+


Payment plans now available

Component 1 – 4
Group 142

This is for you if...

  • Group 103

    You can dedicate two days to working on your website. This doesn’t have to be two consecutive days, but you do need to create space in your schedule for completing the modules.

  • Group 103

    You’re ready to roll up your sleeves and make your website a priority once and for all.

  • Group 103

    You want a professional web designer to walk you through the process of your website launch, including the layout, design, visuals, and copy.

  • Group 103

    You’re looking for the tools, tricks, and templates used by the pros when it comes to crafting your brand and messaging.

Group 116

This is not for you if...

  • Group 97

    You’re a web designing superstar who already builds countless websites with high conversion rates.

  • Group 97

    You want to hand over the decisions of building your website to someone else. This is your guide to making those decisions, not someone else making them for you.

  • Group 97

    Finishing your website isn’t a priority.

  • Group 97

    You already have all of your pages planned out, photos, colors, and fonts chosen, and copy written for your website.


Everything you need to launch the website your customers are waiting for is right here. You’ve got this.

Component 1 – 5