Finally finish your freaking website


Design a 3-5 page website that has your dream customers ready to take action in 48 hours.


75% of consumers admit that they judge
a business’ credibility based on their
website design.

- A Stanford web credibility research, according to Kinesis Inc.

I get it, business owner, you have great taste.
And your ability currently might not live up to that taste.


You are totally cool with outsourcing, but you don’t want to feel powerless when it comes to your online presence.

Normal “how to build a website” courses feel
You’ve got ish to do in your business and want quick confidence and strategy…Not just tech training.

You have a tiny graveyard of unfinished
Squarespace or Wix sites in your past. (R.I.P.)

Your eyes ache from agonizing over
hundreds of font and color choices.

You’d rather clean your apartment than write an
About page or a description of your services.

Every time you feel like you make some headway on your site, a new update comes out and makes all your prior training irrelevant.


Instead, you can follow the same goal-driven strategy that professional web designers use and launch your entire site in a matter of days.


+ The tech of your website

+ Missing out on media opportunities because
your site gives you no clout

+ Losing leads over your website being confusing

+ Waiting days or weeks for your designer to whip up
every amazing idea you have

Yes, you can (and sometimes should!) hire someone to do
your website. But having the know how to…

+ Ensure that you’re actually hitting the mark with
your site instead of going by “I’ll know it when I see it”

+ Communicate with your designer well so
you don’t lose a ton of money

+ Navigate your tech platform so you don’t get taken advantage of

+ Quickly whip up graphics for and make small updates to
your website without needing to phone a friend.


Inside the Website Completion Kit, you will…

+ Pin down your ideal audience and
the top three goals for your site.

+ Plan and sketch your site layout.

+ Get clear on your messaging

+ Write your content for each page.

+ Define your website style.

+ Choose your fonts and colors.

+ Choose a website platform

+ Overcome tech hurdles.

Listen, jumping into a website without a plan will cost you.

Your website can be the biggest pain in the a** in your business.
Or it can be a tool that works well for you.

Before you stare at the cart for another “Squarespace Design
Course,” mull for hours over a template or scroll Upwork for one
more minute…let’s get you clear and on your way towards a site
that honors your big vision.


Hey, I'm Kristen Estes

I’ve launched 100’s of websites in my decade-long career as a
web designer, and have helped hundreds of other designers do the same through the website platform I founded, Weeknight Website.

I’m currently the CEO of Weeknight Website and Creative
Director at Moonwalker Digital, a web design firm specializing
in high-converting websites. My pages are known to convert and we’ve been a part of over 20+ five and six figure launches. Most notably, a sales page my team designed for internet sensation JP Sears received over 95,000 shares!

My straightforward, step-by-step processes will give you the
tools and confidence you need to take control of your online
space and finally get the website your business deserves.

Oh, and I’ll make it fun for you (yes, working on your website can be fun!)

Some Business owners I’ve worked with…


…and next, hopefully you!

What you'll learn inside...


First, I'll help you confidently make an outline of what to include on your website...and what you need to ditch.

  • + Why your website is losing people (and what you can do differently).
  • + The most important thing every website needs.
  • + How to make your audience take ACTION on your site!

Now that you’re crystal clear on what you want your site to achieve, it’s time to lay the foundations for CONNECTING with your website visitors...

  • + Understanding what your dream clients need from your site.
  • + My secret to finding images and colors that actually connect with your website visitors. 
  • + How to write words that make your readers feel at home.

With your content plan and messaging in place, it’s time to finalize the visuals for your website, no prior design background needed! 

  • + My secrets to and sources for finding find fonts, photos, and icons that work well together.
  • + How to whip up on-brand graphics with no design experience.
  • + Our method for designing the most crucial element on your website: your hero banner.

Overcoming the tech details of finalizing your website can feel like jumping over hurdles. We’ve got your back! Module 4 is here to make sure you don’t get stuck for hours on one small glitch and end up feeling frustrated. #WhyCan’tIChangeThatButtonColor!!

Learn how to:

  • + Get a project back on track when it feels like the wheels are spinning off-course
  • + How to choose the right platform for your project needs (read: it is NOT one-size-fits-all!)
  • + What to include in your tech support questions to be more efficient in your asks and waste less time going back and forth.
  • + How to avoid spending too much time on tech fixes alone.

It’s almost time to pop the bubble and go live! Before you make any big announcements, there are a few things you’ll want to  double-check...

  • + How to know when you’re launch-ready.
  • + A thorough, pre-launch checklist to save you from any embarrassing (or costly) mistakes
  • + Troubleshooting common launch issues


The Content Kit

Make the copywriting for your website as pain-free as possible! This guide will jump-start your messaging and content creation superpowers.

It includes: 

  • + Our About Page Formula. Learn how to masterfully write the second-most visited page on your website. 
  • + Our Services Page Formula. Design and write your Services page in a way that leaves no question in your client’s mind that they want to book you
  • + Contact Page Form Scripts. Finishing your Contact page form can be as easy as copy and paste! 
  • + Welcome Email Script. A template you can quickly customize and automatically send out to all new subscribers on your email list.

Here’s what’s included inside the Website Completion Kit

+ 5 Modules with video training and action-steps

+ The Website Completion Kit Workbook

+ The Content Kit: Copy-Paste templates and
frameworks for your website words

+ SEO Training Workshop

+ Additional Bonus Templates & Cheat Sheets


That’s why I took the time to record and RE-record every video and edit them down to cut the fluff and only give you what you need.

Actual instruction time is about 4hrs total…but it wasn’t designed for you to sit back and binge it. It was made for you to take ACTION and complete the exercises. We recommended you set aside 2 days to do it.

Group 103


  • You are a business owner that wants a major head start in creating your website
  • You know that you are amazing at what you do but your online presence is a hot mess and does not translate that AT ALL.
  • You’ve tried and failed to create a website that really captures the essence of what your customer wants You don’t have thousands to shell out to a designer and/or developer every time you need a change on your website
  • You can dedicate two days to working on your website. This doesn’t have to be two consecutive days, but you do need to create space in your schedule for completing the modules.
  • You’re ready to roll up your sleeves and make your website a priority once and for all.
  • You’re looking for the tools, tricks, and templates used by the pros when it comes to crafting your brand and messaging.
  • You want the lifelong skill of design-decision making that with help you make good calls about the visual aspect of your brand, whether you’re DIYing or working with a designer.
Group 97


  • You’re a web designing superstar who already builds countless websites with high conversion rates.
  • Finishing your website isn’t a priority.
  • You already have all of your pages planned out, photos, colors, and fonts chosen, and copy written for your website.


We know you’re going to love The Website Completion Kit! But if you’re dissatisfied with your purchase for any reason, we’ll issue you a full refund if requested within 14 days from your purchase date. Please note: This kit was built for action takers and is composed of digital content, so we must also see proof that you attempted to complete the material upon your request.

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