Your Website:
Done This Weekend


No more indecision. No more waiting for someone else. You got this.

Does this sound a little too familiar? You have...

  • ...a half-finished website you've been "working on" for months
  • ...asked a designer or two if they can help you out, but you don't have the cash to dish out to hire them
  • ...had a website for a while, but it never ACTUALLY makes you any sales.

Stop the madness and let me help
you design your website!

I have been designing websites for clients for over 8 years, and I know a thing or two about getting your brand and website up quickly!

While our Weeknight Website platform makes it super easy build your site, this course will help you actually design your site.

Now you could totally stare at an empty screen, agonizing and comparing yourself to competitors...

Or you can save hours (*ahem* days!) of time and build a website you're not ashamed of THIS weekend using my proven method to guide you through!

I also recommend this course for new web designers that would like to speed up and refine their design process.

What's Inside?


Video lessons to guide you through designing and keep you from getting stuck

Interactive worksheets to
make planning and writing your
website content EASY


Facebook Community
for your burning questions
+  Live Q&A's

Continuously updated training to keep you current


Move through it in a weekend, keep it forever.

This crash course comes lifetime access to support you in all your online dreams!

Part 1: Plan Your Content

  • The most important thing every website needs
  • Why people don't do what you want them to do on your website
  • The number one way you are losing readers on your site
  • How to get over your indecision and decide once and for all what goes on your website
  • Get Sketchy Assignment: Creating your site on paper

Part 2: Your Visitors

  • How to have branding without a logo
  • Why your website isn't really about your business
  • Getting to know your visitor
  • Finding images and colors that connect with your customer
  • Writing words that make your visitors feel at home
  • How to get killer testimonials for your site
  • How to craft your brand message

Part 3: Your Style

  • Finding images and colors that connect with your customer
  • Discovering your business' color "season," and how that can guide your visual direction
  • How to find fonts that go together and will work on the web
  • Where to find great icons, photos, and resources for free
  • How to create great graphics with no design experience

Part 4: The Build

You'll use the tutorials within Weeknight Website to make the design look like your plan!

  • How to choose a domain that won't get stolen from under you
  • Adding Image Backgrounds and effects
  • The key to actually getting your site finished
  • Your Navigation
  • Your Blog
  • Your Mailing List

Part 5: The Launch

  • Knowing when you are launch ready
  • Getting on a content schedule
  • Linking your domain
  • Troubleshooting common launch issues
  • Test and change
  • Photoshop-ready launch Graphics to help you announce your site to the world!

About Your Instructor

Kristen Estes is the CEO and Creative Director of Moonwalker Digital, a web design agency that specializes in creating websites and course platforms for online influencers. She started her business seven years ago after realizing her college degree was not going to give her the life she wanted. Hundreds of websites later, she's so glad she did.

When she's not building websites, she's making music for her band, Krystal Optiks, playing with her dog, Franki or roaming Austin, TX looking for the perfect taco.


$37 One-Time Purchase

If you're dissatisfied with your purchase for any reason, we will issue you a full refund of your purchase if requested within 14 days from your purchase date. However, this course was built for action takers and is comprised of digital content, so we must see proof that you attempted to complete the material upon your request.

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