Learn How to Book Out Your Design Biz FAST

Find your dream clients, stand out from the crowd, and book your calendar out so you can relax and get back to the creative work you love! ⁣⁣

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  You're spending more time setting up your new business than actually working with clients

  You're watching your savings account dwindle in one tab and while stalking your inbox for new leads in another

You have more tools and courses than you can count but they're not actually helping you get booked

You know you're a total boss at what you do...but demand for your services is making you second-guess yourself

let's fix this
introducing the guide

With this guide, you'll learn how to get the word out, make the yes EASY to your services, and the best practices for WOWing your clients during a job to get them saying yes over and over again!


Have a look inside...


What you'll learn

Be ready for that dreaded, "So, what is it that you do?" question

Learn how to WOW your clients with your service

Sell your new service without feeling spammy or desperate

Learn how to end your projects really well...and get rehired

Make the process of hiring you EASY

Learn how to get great, trust-building testimonials

+ Bonus Workshop

How to get your first paying clients

  • + The do's and don't of what to include when sharing about your availability for hire
  • + What you really need to know about niching down
  • + How to actually close a sale
  • + What to include on your portfolio website
A crash course on finding and booking clients.

Filled with many gold nuggets and valuable tips in an attractive and easy-to-read format. You can immediately apply these tips - and see results!


kris and Britt

Meet Your Mentors

Kristen Estes & Brittany Thompson

We've both been in the online space a while (*ahem* over a decade for each of us 👵👵) and have six-figure web design agencies.

While we've helped HUNDREDs of entreprenuers launch what they love via our website platform, Weeknight Website, we constantly hear the question: how do I actually get a consistent stream of paying clients?

We broke it down and made it easy with this FREE guide.  Get the goods and stop overcomplicating your design business!

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